One thing that inspired this song was when we went on our very first headling tour a few years ago. I used to stand there before I went on stage, and I would listen to the crowd making the most amazing, magical, loud screaming sounds. I would hear it and I would sit there and think ‘I can’t believe I get to hear that sound one time in my life.’ That I could never get this melody out of of my head until I finally wrote a new song and I called that song ‘Long Live.’ Thank you so much for screaming for us. This song is completely, a hundred percent for you.

"Bravery happens to people in different ways. I think it can be as simple as saying what you mean, about being honest about who you are, who you love.


My thoughts exactly.

Taylor Swift on Nicki Minaj for the iHeartRadio Music Festival.


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Taylor Swift's "Becoming More of a Product" as a Pop Music Singer, Says Brad Paisley

When Taylor Swift released her “Shake It Off” single and music video earlier this month, it was it official: The former country singer has made the switch to full-blown pop star!

So what do her Nashville contemporaries think about this crossover? Brad Paisley finds it “admirable,” he told E!…


New photo on Taylor’s website (x)

"You have the great part of red, like the red emotions that are daring and bold and passion and love and affection. And then you have on the other side of the spectrum, jealousy and anger and frustration and you didn’t call me back and I need space”

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Taylor Swift at the 2014 VMA’s.


Record breaking 7 time Grammy award winner Taylor Alison fUCKING SWIFT is more proud of her header on twitter than she is of the reCORD SHE JUST BROKE CAn I get a round of applause. Stay humble Swift we love the fuck out of you


taylor swift - shake it off

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