sometimes i listen to the 1975 and the weeknd and scroll down my dash and reblog pics of the sky and i’m like “this is who i am now” but then i remember. no. that’s not who i am. in reality i’m obsessed w one direction and scared of everything

There’s rumor that One Direction will appear in a new reality show produced by Simon Cowell. Harry said it’s a great opportunity, while the other guys in One Direction said… Just kidding. No one asked them. —Jimmy Fallon (via sweetnessandlite)


I truly came to the point where I just love 5sos with all of my heart and there’s no fangirling

"When you’re live people can see it on your face and they can see what the song means to you. I’ll never just sing one of my songs with a straight face like it means nothing to me because I wrote these songs and they all mean something to me."

Title: UnknownLong Way Home - Live
Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Album: Unknown
Played: 12442 times


Long Way Home, first time live, Chicago, 31.08.2014


My confidence is easy to shake. I am very well aware of all of my flaws.
I am aware of all the insecurities that I have.” ― Taylor Swift

1989 era→twitter, instagram, facebook

taylor swift - fearless - speak now

Taylor Swift’s iHeartRadio Music Festival: Road to Vegas Interview

my weakness is harry styles when he’s chewing gum on stage

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